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Senior Pastor Opening

A Christian Reformed Church in northern Ohio is searching for its next Senior Pastor, gifted both as a communicator (preaching and teaching) and leader, to help our congregation succeed in its next season of ministry. 


Personal Qualifications - The Senior Pastor will:

  1. Demonstrate through, word and deed, that he or she is a disciple of Jesus Christ.

  2. Be able to express his or her call to pastoral ministry.

  3. Have a deep passion to understand and teach the truths of God’s Word, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, lead others to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

  4. Be a person given to prayer and the study of God’s Word.

  5. Have a desire to be present with the church and the community as an ambassador for Christ. 

  6. Have the social skills necessary to engage and connect with the varying demographic groups in the congregation.

  7. Be culturally aware and in tune with how to position the church to engage younger generations.


Professional Competencies - The Senior Pastor will be:

  1. A dynamic, people-oriented leader able to inspire and challenge the church to embrace and live into a renewed vision for its future.  

  2. Gifted in preaching the word of God in a way that is Biblical and relevant, bringing the message in a way that is powerful, persuasive, engaging and contagious.

  3. A skilled educator effective in instructing the congregation in biblical & doctrinal knowledge.

  4. Talented in the work of evangelism (beyond the pulpit) to the unchurched 

  5. An accomplished worship planner cleverly drawing people into sincere and meaningful participation.


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Preaching - the Senior Pastor is responsible for the bulk of the preaching.

  2. Coaching - the Senior Pastor will recruit, train and encourage a core group of volunteers to lead the ministries of the congregation. 

  3. Corporate Worship - the Senior Pastor, in collaboration with a worship planning team, is responsible for the planning and delivery of engaging, life transforming worship services.

  4. Pastoral Care - the Senior Pastor will provide both pastoral care and spiritual direction to individuals in the church and community. Since this could become an all-consuming responsibility, the Senior Pastor will need to prioritize matters that rise from birth and baptism, profession of faith and marriage, life-threatening sickness, and death.


Expectations - The Senior Pastor shall:

  1. Meet or exceed the requirements for ordination as a Minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church. (Ordained individuals from other historically Reformed denominations will also be considered.)

  2. Support the Consistory approved vision and core values of Christian Reformed Church.

  3. Affirm the Constitution, Creeds, and Confessions of the Christian Reformed Church.

  4. Have the privilege of representing Christian Reformed Church within the denomination and in the community.

  5. Affirm CRNA Synod's Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality.

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