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Connection Pathway

Connection Pathway Exercise & Scripts
Our Connection Pathway Exercise tool guides you through a series of questions to help ensure your church fosters meaningful engagement, through intentional steps, ensuring people feel welcomed and valued.
This tool also includes scripts that can be tailored to resonate with your church's unique culture. These scripts provide a foundation, allowing you to maintain consistency while also accommodating the specific needs and context of your congregation, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your connection process.

Connection Pathway

Connect Card Email Responses
Emails crafting can often feel like it should be easy, then we get in our head about tone, and then take for granted what we know already, and can end up writing an email that makes sense to us, and nobody else! Don't worry, our team has put together a few different templates that can help you get started. Tip: These responses pair well with our Connect Card Process Flow Sheet! We recommend linking the emails that will be sent to the sheet, so everyone can see at a glance what is being said when and to who! 

Connect Card Resources

Connect Card Process Flow Sheet
Getting someone to fill out your connect card is only half of the battle! After it is filled out, you need to make sure that you are ready for them, with welcoming, informative and helpful emails. Our Connect Card Process Flow Sheet gives you a way to keep track of who is emailing what and when. This way people will not fall through the cracks, and will get connected with your church, and ultimately with Jesus! 


Connection Pathway

Connection Pathway Conversation Guide
Your Connection Team is probably full of talkers, people that love chatting, catching up, and care for people. So you may be thinking, why do you need a conversation guide? Because very often those that love to talk, can get so caught up in conversation they can forget to cover specific topics. This guide was created by our team to carve out time to intentionally talk through topics, brainstorm and improve your connection process! 


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