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Life Plan


From our earliest days, we all ask questions like…

  • who am I really?

  • what is my purpose and God-calling?

  • what is my best contribution?

  • how do I find deep meaning for my life?

  • how do I order my life around what truly matters?

  • how can I live the life I long to live?


We do the best we can to answer those questions and navigate life… but the truth is, the pressures and demands of life often push those questions to the fringes. We think to ourselves “someday I’ll slow down long enough to get clarity on life’s biggest questions.” But, as John Kotter says,

“Most people don’t lead their own lives—they accept their lives.”

Many people get caught up in the current of everyday life and passively get swept along to an unwanted destination. Nothing could be more tragic than squandering the life God has entrusted to you.

A Life Plan can be a game-changer in helping you steward well your ONE life. The powerful combination of unhurried time, a skilled guide and a proven process can become a life-defining event for an individual. The Replenish Life Plan is a 2-day one-one-one process that will help you gain clarity, direction, focus and an actionable game plan for your life.

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Life Plan
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