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Studying in Groups



Embarking on and navigating a persons discipleship journey needs a roadmap. That's why outlining clear next steps in your church's discipleship journey is essential. Our example of a comprehensive Next Steps Guide offers an example of how you can best inform congregants of their next step. 

From foundational teachings to specialized growth opportunities, a guide like this can empower your church to embrace their voyage, allowing them to deepen their relationship with God, and take their next step!

Let this resource serve as a tool to help you create your own next step guide. We encourage you to include similar information, but expand upon it by adding in examples of how a person can take their next step! 


Connection is the thread that weaves us all together. As we journey through the depths of spiritual growth, focusing on connection is key. Whether through mentorship, small groups, or communal worship, these bonds are the conduits of shared wisdom, empathy, and growth. Connection fuels our understanding, nurtures our journey, and reminds us that we're not alone in our pursuit of Jesus. Embrace the power of connection in your church's discipleship process, and unlock a tapestry of spiritual growth that's rich, vibrant, and deeply transformative. 


Understanding how to best serve your community through strategic outreach is paramount. Our team has put together an exercise to help you determine your best path to intentional engagement. From identifying community needs to crafting purposeful initiatives, this guide is your compass to nurturing meaningful connections, catalyzing change, and leaving a lasting impact that echoes far beyond the church walls.


Empower your congregation to create lasting change, uplift lives, and manifest the love and compassion of Jesus in tangible ways. Magnify your impact and delve into our example guide today and embark on a journey of purposeful community outreach transformation!

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