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Position Overview:


The Facilities Manager is responsible for assuring successful operation and function of the church’s building and grounds in support of church’s strategies and mission by providing a place to meet that is safe, secure, attractively maintained, and kept in a state of readiness. 


Primary Responsibilities:


Safety and Security.   The most important aspect of facility management is providing a safe and secure

     environment.  The Facility Manager shall: 

  • Maintain fire suppression and alarm systems, and document compliance Keep the premises free of hazards, Maintain ADA compliance, Patrol the grounds to ensure the people on site are authorized to be there. Perform monthly staff safety training 

  • Keep accurate inventories of cleaning chemicals with MSDS on file. Be staff liaison to the Safety Team, which oversees fire, medical, physical, and emergency safety 

  • Maintain a security system with an outside monitoring firm. Use technology like cameras to enhance physical security. Properly document keys and codes issued to authorized personnel. Maintain door and locks to ensure proper operation.  

  • Maintain parking lot and sidewalks with clear striping & signage, ADA designations, proper lighting, maintain pathways free of hazards to help provide safe people flow.


Facility & Landscape Maintenance.  Facility Manager shall: 

  • Maintain grounds including lawns, plantings, sprinkler system and fencing to ensure proper use.

  • Maintain exterior condition and appearance of building by repairing roofs, gutters, and siding, painting and updating as needed.

  • Oversee application of herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides using safe techniques and maintain HASMAT files.

  • Maintain meeting rooms for cleanliness and repair. Service and maintain heating and cooling systems. Secure professional services to address infrastructure issues, e.g. telecom, lan, Wi-Fi, isp, electrical, plumbing, etc.

  • Maintain an ongoing cleaning and sanitation schedule to ensure proper cleanliness.


Facility Prep­Readiness.   In order to present the congregation and community with excellent customer 

     service, Facility Manager shall: 

  • Work with Office staff regarding scheduling of facilities and preparation of rooms for use.

  • Monitor building calendar in order to allow time to prepare rooms for use, especially large events like Christmas services.. 

  • Return rooms to readiness soon after last use, including ancillary areas such as restrooms, entries, common areas. 

  • Check room readiness just prior to next use. 


Administrative and Supervision.  

  • Work closely with the Executive Leadership Team to accomplish the vision and strategies set by the Executive Pastor by supporting his/her fellow team members and participating in staff meetings and events.

  • Supervise Custodial/Landscaping volunteer teams and outside services through scheduling, ongoing training and contracting of labor when necessary; perform staff reviews annually. 

  • Recruitment of volunteers 

  • Keep Executive Pastor informed of any issues; prepare monthly expense reports

  • Provide channels where maintenance requests can be submitted, tracked, replied to, and used for planning. Provide for staff coverage during a majority of the workday to address emergencies (e.g. toilets, lighting, safety issues) Prepare annual budgets, monitor spending monthly, load balance accounts.  

  • Assist in other duties as assigned and mutually deemed beneficial. 



  • Demonstrates a strong Christian faith and a love and passion for continued spiritual growth in the body of Christ.

  • Basic knowledge of building operation and maintenance requirements 

  • Ability to read and interpret complex instruction manuals for HVAC, telecommunications, security, fire safety, lighting and other electronic systems necessary for general operation of the facility.

  • Ability to effectively delegate and manage responsibilities and lead and equip in a competent and organized manner

  • Must be a team player with a desire to seek the good of the greater church body and community over personal gain.

  • Participate in the life of the church through church attendance, small groups, personal devotions and church-related volunteering activities.

  • Must have the ability to relate well to a variety of people (volunteers, staff, external contacts) with tact, courtesy, sensitivity, and good will that represents Christ and the Church. 

  • Must demonstrate the desire and commitment to consistently learn and grow as a leader by participating in training conferences and events approved by church and recognizing that leaders are learners.

  • Willingness to become a member of the church.

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