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My faith story is an obedience story. I accepted Jesus into my life at 5 years of age, I was baptized and started my walk with Him. Although my walk with the Lord began at a young age,  I truly came into the knowledge of God’s love and grace around 16 years old,  when I came to know God as my friend and Savior. 

I began my musical journey at a very young age. I started playing the drums at 4 years old. My call to ministry then came when I was 6 years old. My uncle was the choir director at the church that I grew up in, one Sunday he passed in the middle of directing the choir. The next week, I felt like God was telling me that I was going to be the choir director, and that I was going to go around the world. A few years later I began serving as a worship minister at 10 years old, and at 12 years old I became a worship director where I served over a music department, with both adult and youth choirs. 


God has shown His faithfulness throughout my life, but that does not mean my life has been without struggle. I have this amazing gift from God, and there was a time in my teenage years when I was shaken by the world and some parts of me were opened. I had this call, but I was still growing. Every place I have served has come with a “why”, and has shaped me into who I am.


The gift God has given me has taken me around the world. My gift brought me to the church where I met my wife, Angelic Marie. She has gone home to heaven. We were together for 15 years, and have a son Elijah together. I also helped to raise her two daughters from a previous relationship, Alexandria and Ashlyn. Angelic was an amazing woman, a talented singer, and even though she had a tough upbringing she never complained. After Angelic passed, I remarried. We were together for 6 years, I don't believe in divorce, and tried to keep the marriage together. She stepped out on our marriage a few times, we tried counseling, but in the end we divorced about 4 years ago. Last month I got engaged. My high school sweetheart, Demitra, plan to get married in November of 2025. 

My love for music and desire for the presence of God has always been the most important passion in my life. I have been in full time ministry for over 25 years. I am a songwriter. My song Presence was recorded by Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Bond and The Family Worship Center Choir out of Chicago. I'm a heart guy, a relational guy. I care about you, your heart, your wife, whatever is going on. I am big on growing people as well as teams, and I am looking forward to what God has for me in the next season.

About Robert

Personality: I am a team builder, a motivator, leader and lover of people. 

Spiritual Gifts: Encourager, Leader, Motivator

Hobbies: Outside of my love for ministry and my child, I am an avid basketball player, exceptional bowler and really enjoy get togethers with family and friends.

Why AHG thinks you should consider Robert

Robert has many years of experience leading worship. He is a leader, equipper and developer. Not only is Robert a great leader, he also is a talented artist. 

God has brought him around the world to lead worship. He is truly gifted with an amazing music talent, and enjoys singing to bring glory to God, and prepare His people for worship. But in Robert's most recent season, he has shifted into a focus of equipping
 the next generation of worship leaders.

This is why we believe that Robert would be a great fit at Centerpoint. His passion for empowering the next generation aligns with where Centerpoint is looking to go in terms of a ministry school, and church planting.  Our team believes that adding Robert to the team will help set Centerpoint up for your next chapter. 


Isaiah Brandon, Music Director
(318) 393-3591


Tiffany Reeves, Administrator for Robi’ Music Pro
(337) 416-0268


Elijah Beroit, Son
(919) 437-0590 


Mike Georges, Worship Pastor 
(919) 748-0945

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