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Fractional/Interim Leadership

Experienced Leadership When You Need Them.

The Aaron Hur Group is your single source for Remote and Onsite Fractional/Interim Executive Leadership. Our network of Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, Worship Leaders, HR Specialists, Communications, or External Accountability Team is available on an Interim, Fractional, or Direct Hire basis to solve your biggest challenges in any ministry season whether it is succession, crisis management, or leadership transition.

A Solution

Here are just three of the benefits and features that local churches can realize through the employment of fractional leadership.

1. Fractional Leadership Is Cost- Effective.

By choosing to hire Fractional/Interim Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors and ministry leadership on a part-time basis, churches can save a considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent on full-time employment and benefits packages. This approach enables churches to steward their financial resources more effectively, gain momentum, and position themselves for the future with greater flexibility.

2. Fractional Leadership Is Strategically Focused.
How many times have you left the church at the end of a day and wondered what it is that you actually accomplished? As pastors, sure, spending time relationally with co-workers and congregants is essential. Often, though, we are pulled daily into meetings or conversations that not are not urgent nor otherwise the best use of our time, passion, and gifting. In contrast, Smith writes, “If you are working with a company for just a couple of hours per day (as a fractional leader) you are forced to ruthlessly prioritize only the very most important items on your list” and similarly relationships.

3. Fractional Leadership Delivers Immediate Results
By virtue of their experiential knowledge, proven credibility, and past success, fractional leaders are able to work smart not hard, avoid mistakes, inspire confidence, ensure alignment, solve problems, create wins, and immediately impact an organization. Not otherwise driven by title, position or ego, fractional leaders thrive on doing what they do best, strengthening others around them, addressing docile acquiescence, and helping the organization build capacity and gain momentum.

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