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5 Tips For Finding A Church Job During COVID-19

The social and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have lasted longer than anyone had originally expected. Accordingly, the Church, along with businesses, government organizations, and nonprofits, have had to adjust their approach to daily operations, including their approach to recruiting and hiring.

“The Church has left the building” is a common phrase that we have heard during these past 8 months, but despite the circumstances of this strange year, the Church and its mission continues on. The Church’s purpose has not been lost. We are still the body of Christ, a community that has been called to make disciples, and churches around the country are still looking for the right people to help accomplish this mission.

As more services have moved online, new roles and opportunities have become available within the Church. Whether you are applying for a traditional role in the Church (i.e. Senior Pastor, Worship Leader, Children’s Director, etc.) or a modern role (such as Social Media Strategist, Podcast Coordinator, or Web Designer), here are a few tips we recommend for finding a job during COVID-19:

  1. Update Your Resume - Does your resume look like it belongs at the top of the stack? Or does it look like it was created in Microsoft Word, Windows 95 edition? Appearance matters. Having a clean, single-paged resume with clickable links or infographics will increase your chances of being invited for an interview. Your resume should highlight your experience with quantifiable metrics that describe your results, not your activity. Also, be sure to double-check your spelling and grammer (did you catch the mistake there?). There’s nothing worse than claiming that you are ‘detail-oriented,’ yet having a misspelled word in the first sentence of your resume.

  2. Check Your Social Media - Do your social media accounts reflect you well? If not, it may be time to clean up your accounts. Perception can matter a lot to a church. Take the time to identify if there are posts, tweets, images, or stories that don’t present you as a qualified and desirable candidate. When working in the Church, you are held to a higher level of responsibility and a higher standard of behavior. Be sure that your online presence reflects that.

  3. Inform Your Network - It’s amazing what happens when we make our desires known. Have you told your family, friends, co-workers, and extended network what your career aspiration is? If not, make a list of 10 people you can reach out to and invite them for a (socially distanced) coffee to ask them a few questions. Tell them what you are seeking and ask if they can help you achieve your goal.

  4. Work On Your Elevator Pitch - Are you prepared to concisely and clearly articulate your career goals if asked? When the moment comes to talk about your vision, will you be ready? If not, it might be time to catch up on some Shark Tank and practice your pitch. Knowing who you are and what you want is attractive. Being able to say, “I’m looking for an Executive Pastor position in Atlanta. I have 8 years of teaching experience, led a staff of 25 people and a congregation of 1200” is far more clear and interesting than saying “I want to work in a church someday.” First impressions matter. Be prepared!

  5. Go the Extra Mile - While phone calls are becoming a less and less popular way of getting a hiring manager’s attention, going the extra mile is still very effective. Sending a personalized email or a handwritten note following your interview can be key in setting yourself apart from the crowd.

  6. BONUS - Pray - While last, but certainly not least, we always encourage applicants and Churches to pray that the right candidate will be led to the right opportunity. We know that the Lord can open doors and encourage you to seek Him throughout the entire process.

We know that times are challenging for the Church and that finding the right job can be overwhelming in light of world events. Whether you are a church looking to fill a position, or an applicant searching for your next opportunity, the Aaron Hur Group is here to help. We serve the Church in all that we do, so give us a call or send us an email and together we can continue the Church’s mission.

The Aaron Hur Group

(301) 596-1403



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