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Didn't Get the Job? Now What?

Ten Things to Do When You Don’t Get the Job?

After weeks of searching for that perfect job, you finally find a job posting that looks promising. You submit your cover letter and resume and pray for the best! You get an instant generated email thanking you for applying and someone from their team will contact you if you might be a potential fit.

Surprisingly, you receive a call from their search team or search firm asking to set up an initial interview. You make it all the way through the process but unfortunately; you do not get the job. So, what do you do? Here are 10 key things to do when you don’t get that job.

  1. Don’t take it personal. Each employer has taken the time to craft exactly what/who they are searching for or needing to fill this role. They will use this search profile to be the guide and it has nothing to do with you personally. For whatever reason, they chose not to move forward with your application. It's not rejection of you!

  2. Ask for feedback. Once you receive the news whether it is by phone or a simple email, take the time to ask for feedback. Ask if there is anything you can learn from this experience or any feedback that the person could give to you as you continue interviewing with other potential churches, schools, nonprofits, or ministries. Some organizations will take the time to give you constructive feedback or may share with you why you didn’t move forward in the search process. Whatever insights they can share could be helpful in your next round of interviews. If they chose not to give any insights, then move on. Do not push for anything else. Politely thank them for the opportunity to be a part of the process. It is truly an honor to be considered. Never burn your bridges with a search team and definitely not with a search firm!

  3. Network with Others! Networking means developing a list of contacts. Your network is probably bigger than you think. Take time to sit down and write out a list of people you have met over the years of college, ministry experiences, conferences, and other functions that you have been involved in over the years. Let people in your networks know that you are searching and tell what you feel God is leading you to in this next season. It is important to pray but also get the word out. Remember when Joseph was in the prison? He asked if the Baker could put in a good word for him when he sees the Pharaoh! Hopefully, your connection will actually remember to share your name! :) Search firms like AHG see a vast majority of church, school, or nonprofit job openings are filled by word of mouth or networking. Try out social media or also online spaces like LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to renew old relationships or reconnect with people who have invested in your life in the past. You may find that people are more than happy to help someone when they find themself in a ministry or job transition. There are still good people out there who want to help so let them help!

  4. Make sure it is the right fit for you. If you continually apply for the same type of role and you continually are being told ‘no’, then it might be time to look at other opportunities. Look at how God has wired you by taking personality assessments like Insights, DISC, StrenghtFinders, or Enneagram. These types of assessments can be useful tools for you to learn more about how you think, how you act, and how your work. It can be very helpful as you are considering ministry opportunities. It helps you know who you are and what you are good at. Take the time to invest in ways that can help you know who you are and what role would fit best.

  5. Assess your ministry skills. One of the questions I like to ask a candidate during a job interview is ‘What’s Next?” I say that candidates will look at several job specifications and may look at it and say “I can do this.” or they look at another job specifications and say, “I would love to do this job.” There is a huge difference in those two responses. Start off by looking at your current job specifications and list what part of your current role do you absolutely love doing and what part of your current role you would rather not be doing in your next role. Once that is complete, zero in on your soft skills such as your positive attitude, hard work ethic, great communication skills, time management, problem-solving skills, and ability to collaborate and be a team player. Take this time to assess how God has wired you and what you are naturally good at. Take that information and make a “dream job description. “ This exercise will help you know what type of opportunity you would love to do during this next season. It is okay to dream but you must live in the reality of what role is a great fit for you in this next season!

  6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Trust me! The job market has changed since Covid! Don’t just focus all of your time and energies in one job search. You have to remember, there are usually hundreds of people applying for the same role. Sometimes, it is almost as difficult as winning the lottery. The job market is flooded with candidates that have some of the same skills and experiences as you do. Be diversified in your job search and don’t place all your efforts in one opportunity. If you do start in a search process with a couple of different ministries or search firms, do keep them updated on where you are in the searches. It is not good etiquette or good representation of you as a follower of Jesus if you ghost a ministry or a search firm. Be open with them in your progress and remain honest in your communication.

  7. Up your game. Take a class, read a book, listen to podcast, volunteer in a ministry, and stay actively growing in your pursuit of personal development. Here at Aaron Hur Group, we offer several opportunities for candidates to continue to develop in our Coaching Networks, our individualized or couple Life Planning, our Ministry Workshops, and even our blog. Take this time to grow your leadership capacity and improve your skills. Your future ministry employer will benefit from it and so will you. Let us know if you would be interested in learning more about our workshops or our executive coaching opportunities.

  8. Enjoy your family & friends. During this time of transition, things may seem a little unsettled while you are waiting for what is next. Take the time to enjoy your family, friends, small group, and include them in the process. Use this as a teaching moment. Allow your family & friends the opportunity to see how God works through your prayers, your faithfulness, your faith in God, and your desire to follow His plan. The season of uncertainty can be a very stressful time if we allow it but it can also be a time where we grow much closer to God and much closer to each other. Be intentional and enjoy the moments and the lessons that are awaiting you all during this season. No matter what~stay connected in a community of believers that you trust and that pour into you! Don't isolate during this season and get out and have fun with the people that God has brought into your life!

  9. Be faithful – Finish strong! Do well where you are. We have a saying around our house that you finish strong. No matter what is happening - finish strong and be faithful in what you have been called to do. If at all possible, you want to leave well. I do know that it doesn’t always end well and sometimes it has nothing to do with you but you can work hard and finish strong. Try to keep the lines of communication open. You never know how leaving a ministry well has an effect on you getting a job later on in life! Remember, Colossians 3:23 ... "Do it with all of your heart as you are working for the Lord."

  10. Trust God! This could actually be at the beginning and at the end of this post but I placed it here to remind you that it is a God thing! Trust that God has a plan for your future and He has prepared what is good for you. I didn’t say it would necessarily be easy but it will be good for you. Continue to trust in Him and continue to make prayer the foundation of your job search.

So, what would be some advice that you would give to someone that might be waiting on his or her next assignment? If you are a candidate searching for your next role, please take time to upload your application here and get started in the process even if we don't have a role listed for you. Click the general application for either private searches or future searches. If you are a church, school, nonprofit, or an organization looking to make your next strategic hire or ready to do your strategic planning, email our team to set up a time for us to connect at

Hope this helps as you continue to seek what God has for your next adventure! Keep looking up and don't forget ~ I'm cheering you on!


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