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Dynamic Church in Texas is Hiring!!!!

Aaron Hur Group has partnered with a dynamic and growing nondenominational church located in the beautiful community of The Woodlands, TX (located right outside of Houston) in search for their next Worship Pastor. The church was planted in The Woodlands just over 5 years ago in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. The small group quickly connected with people in the community and launched the church on September 10, 2017. With a commitment to live out the principles of the Acts 2 church, the team relentlessly pressed forward through every obstacle that came their way. Over the years, the church has consistently grown to become an instrument of light and love in the community. Highly relational and firmly rooted in God’s Word, this church is characterized by a strong family focus, evangelism through outreach, excellent service programming, and community impact. Founded with a vision to reach those far from Christ and lead them to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus. Families are a core emphasis. Each child and student are known and invested in, through the church’s quality children and student ministries. The heart of the church is also seen in its service in both local and global capacities. Moreover, driven by the belief that one is never more like Christ than when they serve, the church encourages each person to embrace The church’s heart and DNA for service, embodying it through regular service opportunities.. The church is a truly non-denominational church and perhaps even more appropriately an “inter-denominational” church. Open to people from all backgrounds and constantly striving to be a church devoted to breaking down denominational walls. Through relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care, The church' doors are open to everyone at any place on their spiritual journey. The reputation of the church in the community is excellent and the church is well positioned for growth in the coming years. With a building expansion underway, this Worship pastor will help continue our growth and impact in the area for years to come.


The vision of The Church is best expressed in its statement of Mission, Core Values and Beliefs:

The mission of the church is Helping People Find & Follow Jesus.

That mission is expressed through the following Core Values:

Contagious Community

We laugh, love & live life TOGETHER

Constant Strive

Constantly moving FORWARD in our faith & living what we’re learning

Overwhelmingly Generous

We live open handed with our Time, Talent & Treasure—taking OWNERSHIP of the vision

Passionately Active

In and out of the church, constantly looking and listening for opportunities to INFLUENCE.

Refreshingly Real

Taking off our masks and daring to be KNOWN


The church has a variety of ministries designed to reach and serve the community while developing committed followers of Christ. There are three primary avenues of ministry that provide opportunities to connect with God, grow with one another, and serve as God leads. All people at The church are invited to be committed to attending and participating in Sunday services, building community through the small groups ministry, and serving both inside and outside the church walls.

Sunday Services: For many people, the front door of The Church is the Sunday services. The Church is committed to current music styles and a variety of worship expressions including prayer, communion, giving, and teaching. Teaching is both in-depth and applicable to life. Groups: With community as a core value, it is essential that individuals and families live connected to others in the church. The Groups ministry is made up of a wide variety of options, including: senior adults, women’s and men’s groups, college and young adults, and many more. Serve: At the center of The Church is a desire to move people out into the world to serve. Jesus makes it clear that his vision was to come into the world to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. The Church highlights many service opportunities for individuals of all ages in the church, in the local community, and around the world. WORSHIP

There is currently one Sunday worship service –10:00 AM. All worship employs modern or contemporary music, and the attire for services is casual and comfortable. Worship music is instrumentally driven & contemporary in sound. We want to be as relevant to the worshiper as possible without compromising the purpose & direction of the worship toward God. Therefore, our heart is that most of our worship, lyrically, is directed Upward and honoring toward Him. Accessible, applicable, biblical teaching is important. Services have been the drawing factor for visitors in the past, and will continue to be a reason people come and stay at the church. COMMUNITY

The Woodlands is a master planned community just north of Houston. 44-square miles of ‘the bubble’ (as it’s affectionately called) offers many entertainment venues including two movie theaters, over 150 restaurants, a publicly accessible waterway, dancing waterfalls with music, and the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, the summer home of the Houston Symphony. The Woodlands is in a heavily forested area, and much of the community has retained trees for shade and decoration. The Woodlands Waterway is more than 1/2 mile long, reaching from The Woodlands Mall around to Lake Woodlands and with wide, lighted sidewalks along both sides and Waterway Taxis. Other attractions include Market Street,

an old style ‘Main Street’ pedestrian shopping district, a movie theater and a variety of shops and restaurants. The Woodlands Mall borders the waterway and is adjacent to Market Street, forming a large pedestrian-friendly shopping district. Each of the ‘villages’ in The Woodlands has its own shopping center with a core grocery store and shops, banks, gas, restaurants, etc.

The city is largely unaffected by the ups and downs of the economy due to its diverse corporate clientele. Hospitals, major oil companies and retail make up a large portion of area businesses. Area schools consistently rank in the top of the nation and many local events such as the Insperity Golf Tournament, Ironman Texas and the Children’s Art Festival call the Woodlands home.

Many consider The Woodlands as one of the best areas in Houston. As a matter of fact, it’s been voted as such multiple times. Recently voted the #1 city in America by

Those who seek to relocate to a place that offers a quality lifestyle to raise a family with great amenities should not have to look further. The Woodlands offer a great option for this, as well as a great environment to plant a church and reach individuals and families for Christ.


Worship Pastor Reports to: Lead Pastor

Supervises: PT – Vocalists, 2x Stipend/Contract– Drummer, Keys, bass

Relates to: Other staff and congregation;


The church is looking for a passionate Worship Pastor who is proficient, both vocally and instrumentally. The Worship Pastor will be expected to have high team building abilities, as well as administrative skills. The ideal candidate will have the ability to recruit, train, and shepherd both volunteers and stipend team members that are a part of the Worship Team and execute technical, creative, and musical aspects of the services.

  • Leading & pastoring the team & reproducing musicians while keeping a high standard of excellence is imperative.

  • Launching future campuses is at the heart of the leadership and having the ability to replicate is essential. Knowledge in any of the following areas are a welcome benefit: tech, A/V, graphic design, web, social media and video editing/production.


The effective Worship Pastor will achieve the following goals during the first 24 months of work:

  • Develop a dynamic partnership with Lead Pastor & Staff & the current worship team, to create excellent worship experiences that connect people to God.

  • Continue, and even raise, the overall music and production values to create worship experiences that are both inspiring and excellent.

  • Develop and coordinate teams of staff and volunteers who are responsible for various elements of worship and arts ministries.

  • Maintain a process of care and connection in your area of responsibility that gives care for all of the current volunteers and connect with new volunteers.

  • Maintain an up-to-date teams list and communicate regular schedules for band and vocal volunteers through Planning Center.

  • Oversee, plan, and lead weekly worship rehearsals.

  • Oversee, plan and lead special seasonal worship services: Christmas Eve, Easter, Good Friday, other


The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Worship Pastor:


Education in music is preferred, but not a predetermining factor for the selection of the new Worship Pastor. Experience, Leadership & Ability to connect are primary factors.


The ideal candidate will have had 5+ years of progressively responsible ministry and worship leadership experience in a church setting.

The new Worship Pastor must be flexible and passionate in their role and be able to connect well with the leadership and congregation. Proven experience in flexibility, team building, and problem solving is strongly preferred.

The new Worship Pastor must have excellent vocal, musical, and technical ability as well as the ability to develop volunteers toward that end.

  • Must have a strong knowledge of the rudiments of worship and music as well as the techniques involved in bands and leading worship.

  • Must have vocal skill and leadership experience.

  • Comfortable leading worship from the front but also able & willing to encourage and coach others lead while playing a backup role.

  • Must demonstrate a genuine, Christ-like love for people & humility.

  • Must be able to independently manage time based upon job priorities and manage in a multi-tasking environment in order to be successful

  • Having experience in basic computer is vital: Outlook, Excel, and Word, Planning Center, ProPresenter, etc.

  • Be a team player.

  • Be teachable and willing to receive input from seasoned partners on the worship team and from executive staff.

  • Commitment to the staff culture, values, and policies.


  • A strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ, guided by a commitment to following the principles delineated in the Bible for living a life of thankful service to God.

  • A demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.

  • A visionary leader that can create an environment of unity and a “can-do” spirit among a team.

  • An ability to recruit, retain, and equip leaders and other band members.

  • A demonstrated commitment to life-long learning and personal development.

  • High relational skills and a love for people.

  • An unrelenting passion for leading people to faith and equipping them with spiritual practices for a life of discipline.

  • A doctrine that matches that of the church family. This can be best described as a biblical orthodoxy in the evangelical tradition – “majoring on the majors and minoring on the minors.”

  • A proven track record of being a self-starter, entrepreneur, and goal-oriented worker, with a strong work ethic.

  • A team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the entire organization and can inspire others to work together to achieve organizational excellence.

  • A heart for Christ, the local church, the community, and the needs of the world.

  • Energetic and enthusiastic, yet able to exude a calming influence when needed.

  • Proven skills that foster trust, fairness, and teamwork among staff, members, and volunteers, and a common focus on excellence in all areas.

The church has opted to remain one of our private client churches at this time.

Please click HERE to apply



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