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Ever wondered what a guest experience is like at your church? The 'Secret Guest' Assessment Is Back!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Ever wonder what a guest experience is like at your church? The ‘Secret Guest’ Assessment is back! The Assessment will give you and your team invaluable feedback and insights into what a guest at your church experiences from your online presence and 'from the streets to the seats.’ Our team is not buying into consumerism but we are totally passionate about removing all obstacles for people to reach Jesus! We feel the guest experience is the front door for many people to step into a relationship with Jesus!

A church visit is one of the most important experiences in a person's spiritual journey. People today are searching for answers and seeking something that is real! People want to be seen, heard, and known and we feel the church is the BEST place for people to have this experience! The guest experience is how churches engage with people and they can distinguish themselves as a warm and welcoming place for anyone to gather. Our intentional, proactive, objective assessment of the full guest experience will give insights and perspectives for your church and team that will help your leadership improve the areas that are in need of attention. Our trained 'Secret Guests' have actually served on a church staff at some of the most innovative and fast growing churches in the US and know the in's & out's of what an excellent Guest Experience should include.

To get things started, complete our 'Secret Guest' online request form, and set up a time to connect with one of our team members. The initial 30 minute phone consultation will give you all the details needed to schedule your 'Secret Guest' onsite visit. The first point of contact for our 'Secret Guest' will be through your online presence. Once they have a clear undersatnding of what type of church you are communicating to outsiders, then they will attend one of your worship services unannounced. They will intentionally be a guest and walk through all of the spaces possible to give you a 360 Assessment of exactly what a guest may experience with your team, your volunteers, and all aspects of your weekend service. Once the 'Secret Guest' has made their online and onsite visit, then you will receive a customized report with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, solutions, and threats that your church may have in at least 12 key areas that your guest may experience while checking out your church. Not only do you receive a full detailed assessment, you will also receive suggested improvements to ensure your mission, vision, and values are reflected at every point of contact where your guests can interact with your church.

Instant results will allow immediate steps to be taken to solve real-guests issues. Our 'Secret Guest' can attach photos and other detailed information needed to show areas of improvements, measure processes and procedures and gauge personal interactions.. Our team will also create recommendations, simple action plans and ways to track your teams progress. You will also have an option to add on a weekend 'Dynamic Guest Experience' Workshop used to train and develop your staff and volunteer teams including areas of First Impressions, Worship Service Experience, Next Steps & Connections, Children's and Students Check-In's, and the online engagement.

The 'Secret Guest' Assessment will include:

  • Online Guest Experience

  • First Time Guest Approach

  • Safety & Security Assessment

  • Parking Lot & Traffic Flow

  • The Lobby Encounter

  • The Worship Service

  • Children and Student Ministry Check-ins

  • Restroom Cleanliness

  • Cafe and Bookstore (if applicable)

  • Clearly Defined Signage

  • Volunteer Teams

  • Facilities & Capacity Issues

  • Accessibility Monique Schmidt Weymans

  • And more ... First Impressions Coach

If you are interested in having a trained ‘Secret Guest’ visit your church or you would like to schedule a Staff and/or Volunteer Team Guest Experience Workshop, click here to set up an initial consultation phone call.



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