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Exciting News! AHG Expands It's Strategic Partnerships!

The Aaron Hur Group is excited to announce our strategic collaboration with Apollos, who helps churches create technology-driven experiences via app, web and TV that makes the connection with God and community a daily habit. We believe this partnership is a timely one that will help fuel our capacity to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those we are privileged to serve.

The Aaron Hur Group and Apollos share a common mission of empowering churches, schools, camps, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations to fulfill the divine mission entrusted to them. Our partnership is founded on shared values of faith, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of fostering spiritual growth and meaningful community engagement.

Each organization brings unique strengths and expertise to the partnership. The Aaron Hur Group comes alongside leaders through staffing services, leadership coaching and strategic growth planning, complemented by Apollos' exceptional capabilities in crafting innovative digital products that facilitate seamless connections with faith communities. Helping to usher in a digital age where connecting with God and the Church becomes a daily, enriching habit. Together, we form a powerful synergy aimed at enhancing the experience and connection of faith-based organizations.

Our clients will benefit from an expanded array of tailored digital solutions and services, ensuring a more enriching and comprehensive experience. We are committed to delivering enhanced value and satisfaction to all our clients, equipping them to better serve their communities both on and offline.

We look forward to the boundless possibilities this partnership holds. Our shared faith and dedication to serving others will serve as the bedrock of our joint endeavors. Stay tuned HERE for more details and updates on this exciting collaboration in the upcoming weeks and months. We warmly thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we embark on this transformative new chapter of growth! If we can help your team to plan for the new ministry season with strategic planning or you are searching to hire your next staff member, please connect with our team at

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