ReSet Ministries

ReSet is a nonprofit organization established to provide safe and confidential spaces for pastors, church leaders, and faith-based organizations struggling with stress, burnout, addictions, and/or mental health issues (to decompress, recover, and grow) and also provides a ministry program to help with awareness and support within a church environment for those who struggle with mental health issues. This specific ministry/program/facility is dedicated to this specific purpose, and is critical in this time of pastors and leaders leaving the ministry, being removed from ministry, and at times struggling with thoughts of suicide or depression. ReSet provides a strong, comprehensive program that offers them a beacon of hope and a catalyst for a genuine, holistic change.


Our Mission and Vision:

  • Mission: 


Helping pastors & leaders push the ReSet button in their life & leadership


  • Calling and Need: 


Since 2013, over 39 pastors have committed suicide, over 23,520 pastors have left fulltime vocational ministry, 80% of pastors feel that the ministry has negatively affected their families, more than 79% of pastors and their spouses feel a sense of discouragement in their lives, 77% of pastors are struggling with some form of an addiction or depression. Obviously, there is a huge need for the ReSet Ministry and we can help with the programs and support that we have to offer! 


  • Vision:

ReSet has a desire to help pastors, leaders, churches, and organizations by providing support, awareness, education, and solutions to be redeemed, renewed, or refreshed in one of our programs, workshops, or retreats.